Mt. Zion/Hill Top Cemetery

1 Grave $700
Each additional grave $700 when purchased with the original grave site.

These prices include the gravesite, cornerstones, and continued grounds maintenance.
Grave openings and closings are a separate cost charged at the time of the burial.The current
grave openings and closings are $1000 for a vault and $500 for an urn.
Cornerstones will be installed by cemetery personnel.


Maintenance of tombstones is the responsibility of the family members
All tombstones must be sited by a cemetery representative. Memorial companies must contact a
cemetery representative prior to erecting the stone.
All tombstones must be flat so they will not be hit when mowing.
All tombstones must have a flat permanent concrete, or similar, base with three inch of the base
extending beyond the tombstone on all sides(this apron helps keep grass and debris from
covering the stone).
Memorial stones may not extend beyond the grave limits or the limits of a family plot.
No live plants may be planted at the gravesite no permanent displays, other than tombstones,
may be erected.
All decorations are to be removed by the third full week in october for fall clean up.
All decorations are to be removed by the end of the first week in March for spring cleanup.
All resale or or transfers of lots must be registered with the cemetery committee and re-deeded.
Only Cemetery representatives may arrange for the grave openings.
Funeral directors will give cemetery representatives sufficient notice to arrange for the grave
Burials are restricted to one casket or up to two cremations urns per gravesite.
Only human burial is permitted in the Cemetery.