Pastor Roy's Sermons

May 2019

May 26 - On Being

John reminds us of what the apostles and early church came to know about Jesus.  He and God the father are one.  John invites us to join in that unity—to receive from Jesus—to participate in God’s grace, love—mercy, and peace.   As I read chapters 13-17, I am struck by their focus on being.  The doing, the service, obeying Jesus’ commands, intentional acts of love, these happen because we share in his nature—his being.   We dwell with/we dwell in him.  This is John’s language of salvation of believing.  God’s nature is being. . .in love.  The Presence of God is life and love.  As Christ is one with the Father, so is love inseparable from life.   The essence of grace is that being (who we are in the love of God) always comes before doing or becoming.  God creates and sustains us in love and invites us to be. . .in love.  This grace is true freedom.  It is not forced or compelled, it flows from sharing in God’s faithful love.   

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May 26 - Boundaries, ethics, and Goodbyes

          Pastors serve congregations who call them.  Our call is specific and particular.  That is one of the things that makes the pastoral relationship special.  Grace flows through the relationship partly because it is a stable relationship.  It is not dependent on whether you always agree with the pastor or even like the pastor.  Likewise, pastors are called to serve entire congregations, not just the members to whom they are naturally drawn.   Relationships do not last because of feelings.  Relationships last because of commitment.  Relationships depend on flexibility and the decision to put others before ourselves. 

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