All worship services and church activities are temporarily suspended indefinitely due to the coronavirus.  The Church Council will meet to decide based upon Governor's order and recommendation of the Bishop, when it is safe to return to normal services and activities. Please continue to monitor this site as well as facebook, e-mail, and instagram for updates.

Message from Pastor Fitch:

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
Grace and peace to you all!
Here is the latest set of home worship resources:
Opening Prayer:
Son of Man, you encouraged your followers to obey only your voice, and promised that they would see your glorious presence. Show us your glory and teach us to obey. Guide us to rest our hope in you and turn towards your Kingdom work. Amen.

Hymns via YouTube selections from Jody Diskin:
Hymns - #886 – O For A Thousand Tongues To Sing
                              #666 – What Wondrous Love is This
                          #596 – My Hope is Build on Nothing Less
Anthem -  “Abide With Me” by Audrey Assad

Video of Message Discussion with Pastor Andrew Fitch and Seminary Intern Ryan Fitch:
Prayer Concerns:
Concerns--all under quarantine, those serving in health professions, law enforcement, government officials, families under stress, those concerned with work unemployment or working under the strain of limited staff and those in life-sustaining businesses and organizations, those suffering with illness, those experiencing loss - the families and friends of Janet Hill, Justin Boose, and Lloyd Wire following their deaths, those working in food pantries and those donating out of their abundance, those caring for children and grandchildren, watchfulness over neighbors, those rejoicing with time to rest and complete projects, those serving as missionaries and young adults in global mission
Family and friends of: Justin Boose, Sue Hammond, and Lloyd Wire following their deaths.
Readings for the Week ahead:
Monday – Mark 13:9-13
Tuesday – Mark 13:14-23
Wednesday – 1 Thessalonians 5:1-5
Thursday – 1 Thessalonians 5:6-11
Friday – Romans 13:11-14
Saturday – Mark 14:1-2
readings are mostly from )
Look for more updates on email, and facebook/Instagram.
I will be doing Morning Prayer at 8am and Evening Prayer 8pm Monday through Friday. I am working on additional posts for faith formation and spirituality.
I will be posting additional updates following Council and updates from Bishop Dunlop (via Zoom meetings).
Please also see this message from our Churchwide Bishop (if you haven’t already):

Please let me know of any prayer concerns or specific needs that someone might have. If someone is not on this list, please encourage them to be added! Like and follow us on Facebook and Instagram!
Peace in Christ,
Pastor Andrew