Fall, 2018 

How can we find greater satisfaction and joy? Daily we face many choices promising happiness. Yet joy and contentment grow not from acquiring, but from appreciating who and what is already with us. Simplicity is fertile ground for gratitude.

Family relationships can always be nurtured in love. We have neighbors who, like us, long for friendship and a bit of help along the way. Our sisters and brothers in faith await our phone call, text, or email message which reminds them that they are beloved. Creation is filled with beauty and strength. By it we are reminding of who we are--Whose we are. We are children of the Creator who spins off wonders, abundant miracles of life and salvation. Grace abounds!

Fear and anger tempt us as alternate sources of strength. They are helpful responses to crisis. Fear takes danger seriously. Anger gives temporary energy for grief’s healing work. Yet we diminish joy when we make a habit of drawing water from their wells when there is little danger or healing has ceased. As storms pass we can nurture gratitude and will receive the harvest of joy.

In Christ's love,
Pastor Roy