September, 2018 

I was with a friend today who asked, “What is the purpose of the church?” We pondered, “To worship? To spread the Word? To do mission?”
The Church is a household of God’s children. Whenever, wherever, however we gather--we worship. Whether traditionally or not, worship is expressed in friendships and efforts of listening, watching, and waiting. Smiles, tears, and furrowed brows. And how is the Word spread? Is it a monologue or concept we read on a page. . .or is it a conversation which taps the depths of our souls, drawing forth from us the experience of love? Is not the mission of the church to incarnate (to be) the love of God which we have learned first-hand from Jesus who loved and died for the lost and broken? We are the lost and broken. We are beloved children of God washed in water, fed at the table of God’s mercy, set free to love.
To what purpose are we called, as the church? To love as Jesus loved. . .so we are gifted to love. Such is our worship. God give us courage to live, to worship in love.
Pastor Roy