July, 2018 

Grief’s journey is a long road. Each grief is as unique as each loss. Many find that grieving gives permission to ask questions and feel strong emotions. A life cut short or filled with suffering cries out for justice. We wish for answers. Sometimes the answer comes as wisdom. Sometimes as simple silence. Does God care? How do I know if God cares? And who speaks for God?
Grief forges new paths, invites new answers to familiar questions. The raw energy of grief challenges assumptions about who God is and how God works. The simple silence of deep, abiding trust gives permission for the gentle release of even cherished notions. Release is not the faltering of faith, but a sign of integrity, because truth matters more than the instinct for stability and habit. Grief insists that our faith become more grounded.
How strange that loss is the teacher of being which is the starting point of faith. Being might well be closer to the nature of God than thinking and understanding. Grief challenges old comforts which simply do not bring comfort any longer. Let us make space for grief as the uninvited teacher of faith, so that it will be grounded on what is truly under our feet, surrounding us, and filling us with hope. The peace of Christ’s suffering love be with you in your grief journeys.
Pastor Roy