Looking ahead 

As we look ahead to the change of season, from one to the next. We wonder about the harshness of the winter or the depth of fall foliage colors. Living in this part of Pennsylvania means that we experience four full seasons. Even as the reality of climate change makes the various details unpredictable, we still savor the passage of time in each precious daily movement. We appreciate each day as a gift and learn to express our gratitude to God. God in turn urges us to live generously with others. Creation wastes little and makes a big show of what God has crafted. So, as the days shorten and the night air gets crisp, we look forward in hope. It is a tremendous thing to have hope. We live with it and cherish it as God's people. Hope is the product of faith that gives us the way to smiles and rejoicing! Hope enables us to look with wonder at the days ahead, knowing that God promises to be there (and is, in fact, already waiting for us)!

In the Love of Christ Jesus,
Pastor Andrew Fitch