Today, Christ is Risen. . .in us 

The resurrection of Jesus is more than a happy ending to a tragic story.  It’s more than a reward for Jesus’ life well lived and his willingness to submit to a faithful death.  The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the power of God in Christ, the incarnation of God’s life revealing that faithful love is never a mistake.  Our risen Lord comes to us as he came to Mary, calling our name, inviting us in communion.  Jesus’ resurrection is not simply something we remember or believe in, or a victorious story we celebrate, it is the life we share in Christ.  Our life is a risen life.   Christ is inviting us to be still, take his life in, and carry that union into the world.  In all truth, we reveal the risen Lord in our lives.  And one small footnote, Christ’s presence is not made known in our strength but in our humble weakness.  In Christ, we do not conquer, we consecrate ourselves in the spirit of the life of Jesus Christ crucified and risen.  We are open to and anticipate meeting the risen Lord each step of the way. 

Alleluia!  The Lord is risen!  He is risen, indeed!  Alleluia!