Epiphany: Consecration  

As we work our way through the season of Epiphany some themes have been surfacing in the readings
of our weekly worship services. The prophets called their people to trust God. Jesus invites his
followers to trust as well. In fact, Jesus in Luke says one is blessed not when she or he has everything
desired, but when she or he runs into significant trouble. Trouble, as much as we try to avoid it,
deepens our faith, makes us honest, and ultimately brings the joy of trusting deeply for the mercy and
peace of God. Epiphany is an invitation, in the dark, cold of winter to give ourselves over, in the depths
of silence and waiting, to God.
We tend to want a simple and painless life, but Jesus Christ invites us to a strong and rooted life which
flows to us not when we hold our life and God to our expectations, but when we humbly open ourselves
to whatever God has for us. Another way of putting it is that Epiphany this year can teach us that the
more we deny the pain of our lives and convince ourselves that we are fine, the less we will know the
Presence of God (who suffered with Christ on the cross and suffers with us in our pain) because we are
substituting what we want for what truly and honestly is.
Peace comes to those who consecrate their lives (the good and bad) to God.
Part of the journey of faith in the love of Christ is fellowship. Fellowship is friendship. Our journey is
aided by companions who help us find our way into the presence of God in Christ. If you would like to
cultivate such friendships, that is one reason for our congregation's existence. Please join us. If
fellowship is what you seek, we can help you with that.
We travel this road together, in prayer as fellow followers of Jesus Christ.
Pastor Roy