News & Information

SOUPer Bowl of Caring.whistles.  In anticipation of celebrating Super BowlLIII, we need to remember those who are in need.  Mt. Zion is collecting cans of soup for the local food bank.  Please put your cans of soup (or other food donations in the box of the team of your choice.  The collection will continue until the day of the Super Bowl.  If you have any questions, call Suzann Zinn at 717-979-3223.

Call Committee has submitted the Mission Site Profile to the Lower Susquehanna Synod and the search for a pastor has been posted.  All of the call committee's proceedings will now remain secret until the committee and church  council are prepared to present the nominee to the congregation.

Women's Morning Bible Study is normally held on Wednesday mornings at 9 AM.  For further information and to confirm the current week's schedule, contact Kathy Kauffman.

Hand Chime Choir rehearsal is normally held Thursday evenings at 6 PM between September and May; for more information contact Mary Lou Jones or Bonnie Calhoun.

Mt. Zion is currently looking for a volunteer to type the Sunday Bulletin

John Trimmer has published a book, "The Longer Road", a memoir about his Peace Corps service in Uganda.  He has also produced a CD, "Reflections", conisting of 10 original piano compositions, which are meditative pieces on specific bible passages and original poems.  Please see Deb Trimmer if you are interested.